Empowering individuals, couples, families and groups with the achievement of health, balance and harmonious living through the application of scientifically proven methods of holistic, emotional and psychological practices.


Inner Essence Holistic Therapies supports individuals, couples, families and groups in establishing and maintaining a state of well being through holistic practices, recognising the relationship of the body, emotions, mind and Spirit. The power of the mind; Mind's relationship to the body and its life force; The relationship of the emotions to the individual and the unity of the Soul. Attention is focused upon the importance of balance and alignment within the human energy system, the effectiveness of living life consciously, the influence of Natural Laws and scientifically proven methods. Our goal is to inspire optimal life fulfilment and fundamentally transform lives in which individuals, couples, families and groups consciously utilise and tune into to their inborn abilities to heal and live in balance.



• To know the Power is Within
• To know the Power is always in the present moment
• To recognise the integrity and values within oneself
• To honour the uniqueness in oneself and others
• To seek solutions and resolution
• To promote creativity and new discovery
• To live with purpose and clarity
• To see potential and unlimited possibilities in oneself and others to focus the direction of one's aspirations
• To uplift and support
• To communicate clearly and honestly
• To listen with an open heart and mind


Inner: Situated inside. The inborn and instinctive innermost space of the mind, heart and psyche.

Essence: The inherent nature which determines it's spirit character / individuality /identity / uniqueness.

Holistic: The treatment of the person's entirety taking into account physical body, the mind, the psyche and the Soul.

Therapies: Treatment, healing, rehabilitation.

"Where science and metaphysics meet"