Brainspotting is a brain based therapy in the field of psychology. It's been proven it can address problems which traditional talk therapy has not been able to address or it has taken years to address the issue. There is minimal talk therapy is this amazing treatment. Brainspotting is designed to help the client to make contact with, process and overcome negative emotions, emotional and physical pain and trauma. Brainspotting was developed by Dr David Grand (PhD). Although the technique is relatively new, it is very effective, has been scientifically studied and is evidence based.

Mental Health practitioners such as clinical social workers, psychologist, psychiatrists and counsellors may use this technique with their clients to help them process stuck and negative events in the brain.

In Brainspotting, the therapist uses a pointer in the vision field of the client, to find the eye position where the internal activation is felt the most by the client. In this technique, the client leads the process and the therapist follows. Brainspotting uses paired attention. While the client focuses on the pointer, he or she will have an awareness while tracking their internal process.

Brainspotting is used for Trauma, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Injury Recovery, Low Motivation, Performance, Physical Illness and Stress.



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