Crystal Healing:

Practitioner uses different types of semi precious stones (eg. Amathyst, Clear Quarts etc) to enhance healing treatment for the client. Every precious stone used has its own healing properties. This is done with a combination of Reiki energy, to remove any blockages in the Chakras and Meridians and imbue your body with healing energy and bring it back to health and vitality.

Home and Business Clearings:

I will come to your home and/or business to clear any negative energies on the property. This is a good idea to have done when moving into new premises. Clearing of energies from previous tenants is important as one is not aware of any possible abuse or shady business done in the premises. Negative energies remain in the premises long after the tenants have left which can affect the new tenant negatively. Approximately one hour to 1.5 hours.

Reiki Treatment

Practitioner places her hands on various body parts (strictly no private parts of the body are touched) and channels the Reiki energy. (Duration 45-60 minutes). For more information on Reiki click here.


Done on a client before Reiki or Crystal treatment Smudging is done with dry Lavender or Sage plant, personally made and infused with Reiki energy for an extra boost. Please specify if one has an allergic reaction to strong smells and/or is Asthmatic.

Professional counselling & therapy

Professional counselling & therapy sessions available for individuals, relationships and groups.


Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available on request. Great for Birthdays, Anniversary, Thank You, Valentines Day, Mother's or Father's day or any other celebrations.


I speak English, Brazilian Portuguese, Hebrew and understand Spanish.


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