Intuitive Spirit Channeller (Medium). A Medium is a person who is very sensitive to energy vibration from the Spirit world and is able to channel messages from people who have crossed over from the physical world to the spirit world.

Such a person can be a:

  • 'Clairvoyance' (Clear seeing or psychic vision).
  • 'Clairaudience' (clear hearing or psychic hearing)
  • 'Clairsentience' (clear feeling or sensing)
  • 'Clairtangency' (clear touching or psychometry).

This s done by physically touching a piece of clothing or jewellery that belonged to the deceased and receiving information about the person and channelling messages to their loved ones.

  • 'Claircognisance' (clear knowing or psychic knowing)
  • 'Clairgustance' (clear tasting or psychic tasting)
  • 'Clairalience' (clear smelling or psychic smelling).

Through the different senses, the person is able to channel the information from the departed to their loved ones. Anyone who has ever received a message from the Spirit world would likely share that it is life altering.

It is very comforting to hear from a departed loved one (who you have thought has died and gone forever), that the 'person' is still alive (albeit in Spirit form) and is doing well and is aware of what is happening to you or around you.

This connection to the departed backed up with evidence (personal joke, nickname, a piece of jewellery or anything else) that would only make sense to you (the receiver) and which will assist in recognising and connecting with the soul of the departed.

Please note: A Channeller is purely a vessel to convey such messages from the departed being to the living being and therefore cannot insist on channelling a message.

This type of channelling cannot be guaranteed as it is not up to the channeller to force communication with the departed. It is done intuitively and therefore will be charged on donation basis.


I speak English, Brazilian Portuguese, Hebrew and understand Spanish.


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